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Global Innovation Summit.

March 31st, 2023

Welcome to the Innovation Summit, where our mission is to foster creativity, collaboration, and bold thinking in the pursuit of game-changing innovations. We believe that by bringing together some of the brightest minds and most innovative companies and individuals from around the world, we can drive progress and address some of the world's most pressing challenges. Our goal is to create an environment that inspires and empowers entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers to think big, take risks, and transform industries. Through thought-provoking discussions, we aim to ignite a spark of innovation in each and every participant and empower them to take their ideas to the next level.


Check out all of our speakers from the Washington Roundtable and Global Innovation Summit below!

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Anne Gross, 2023 Global Innovation Summit

Anne Gross, 2023 Global Innovation Summit

Join us for an engaging discussion between Ideagen CEO, George Sifakis, and Anne Gross, Lead of Data Citizens with Purpose™ at KPMG, as they discuss her work in empowering communities across the country to harness data for solving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Anne's team at Data Citizens with Purpose provides expert guidance in data utilization and analysis, allowing companies and non-profits to unlock valuable insights and develop effective strategies to address complex challenges. As digital currencies go, data is undoubtedly one of the most valuable, and protecting it is paramount. Anne and her team at KPMG are committed to implementing policies and infrastructure to ensure that data is kept secure. They offer customizable protection plans that cater to different client needs. Additionally, Anne's team provides practical training through real-life engagements, enabling clients to learn and implement the course tools into their business strategies. Through her passion for empowering data citizens, Anne Gross is making a significant impact in driving positive change through data utilization. Join us as we delve into her journey and the innovative work being done by Data Citizens with Purpose™ at KPMG. To learn more about Data Citizens with Purpose:,nonprofit%20organizations%20in%20our%20communities. #Ideagen #KPMG #globalinnovationsummit

Our Speakers

Tiffani Bova Headshot_edited.png
Jeff Terry Headshot_edited.png
Jeff Peterson Headshot_edited.png

Jeff Peterson

GM of Industry, North America


Tiffani Bova

Author, Growth & Innovation Evangelist


Jeff Terry

VP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability 


  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn
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Amy Porfiri Headshot_edited.png
Anne Gross Headshot_edited.png

Anne Gross

Lead, Data Citizens with Purpose™


Amy Porfiri

Executive Director

American Psychiatric Association Foundation

Dr. Vedrana Hodzic

Director for Fellowships & Medical Education, American Psychiatric Association Foundation

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Ernie Dupont Headshot 2023_edited.png
Craig Cookson Headshot_edited.png
David Yunger Headshot_edited.png

David Yunger



Craig Cookson

Senior Director, Plastics Sustainability

American Chemistry Council

Ernest Dupont

Executive Director, Workforce Initiatives

CVS Health

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Suzanne McCormick Headshot_edited.png
Jordan Mitchell Headshot_edited.png
Zoe Thompson Headshot_edited.png

Zoe Thompson

US Social Strategy Lead


Jordan Mitchell 

Associate Director DEI & ESG


Suzanne McCormick



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Theodoros Bizakis Headshot_edited.png

Mark Fitzgerald

Global Head, International Development Assistance Services, KPMG

Paula Tavares

Senior Legal and Gender Specialist,

World Bank

Theodoros Bizakis

Minister Counselor-Deputy Chief of Mission, Greek Embassy to the United States

  • LinkedIn
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Manoli Lagos Headshot_edited.png
Ilana Ron Levey Gallup Headshot_edited.png
Rawle Andrews Headshot_edited.png

Ilana Ron Levey

Managing Director, Public Sector


Rawle Andrews Jr.

Executive Director

American Psychiatric Association Foundation

Manoli Lagos


The Living Fuel

Bill Ashworth Headshot_edited.png
unnamed copy_edited.png

Bill Ashworth

Head of Government Affairs


Dave Grimaldi

Executive VP of Government Relations

The Blockchain Association 

Nicole Hayre FAAD.

Cosmetic Dermatology Center

Esteban Olivares_edited.png
Ashley Mills Headshot_edited.png
Winston Chang - Headshot_edited_edited.png

Ashley Mills


The Vision Council

Winston Chang

CTO, Public Sector


Esteban Olivares

Head of Academics & New University Partnerships

Summer Discovery


Rosie Chawla

Director of Global Education Projects & Partnerships

UNESCO Center for Peace

Alan Miller


News Literacy Project

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