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Global Partnership Summit


January 16, 2024

The Nasdaq Global Partnerships Summit, hosted in the heart of New York City, brought together top-tier executives and thought leaders across sectors to explore the intrinsic value of collaborations in driving organizational success. Against the backdrop of Nasdaq's iconic headquarters, C-suite luminaries converged to dissect the pivotal role partnerships play in advancing operational excellence.

This exclusive forum showcased diverse perspectives on leveraging strategic alliances for innovation, resilience, and sustainable growth. Through panels, fireside chats, and interactive sessions, attendees were immersed in insightful discussions, fostering an environment ripe for networking and creativity.

The summit served as a beacon, emphasizing that partnerships extend beyond transactions, serving as catalysts for meaningful change and amplified operational efficiencies. As attendees departed, fortified by shared insights and expanded networks, they carried with them a commitment to harness the power of partnerships for sustained organizational elevation on a global scale.

2024 Global PartnershipSummit Videos

Our Speakers

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Jason Geis