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2023 Global Leadership Summit

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In Memoriam

Steven James Tingus

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On behalf of Ideagen CEO George Sifakis, the following Global Leadership Summit has been dedicated to the life and legacy of Steven James Tingus. A lifetime friend and supporter of Ideagen, Steven's kindness, bravery, and personality touched everyone he met. We are truly saddened by his loss, and we will miss working with him at Ideagen.

May his memory live forever.

George Sifakis & Bradford Smith reflect on Steven's impact and legacy

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George Sifakis:

Founder & CEO, Ideagen Global

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Bradford Smith:

Chief Creative Officer, Muidem

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Steven Tingus & Bradford Smith

Steven Tingus Headshot_edited.png

Steven J Tingus:

Ideagen Hollywood

Bradford Smith:

Chief Creative Officer, Muidem

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Gretchen O'Hara, Splunk 


Gretchen O'Hara:

VP of Worldwide Channels & Alliances, Splunk

Gretchen O'Hara, VP of Worldwide Channels & Alliances at Splunk, has a conversation with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis about her responsibility scaling Splunk solutions in our growing digital world. A natural leader, Gretchen discusses her specific leadership style and the journey she has taken to oversee Splunk's channel strategies as well as support Splunk's 2,400 global partners. A supporter of the UN SDGs, hear how Gretchen and Splunk are currently working to build a sustainable value chain and harness data for good.


Ambassador Angelos Pangratis, Allilon

Angelos Pangratis Headshot_edited.png

Amb Angelos Pangratis:

Founder & President, Allilon

Former Ambassador Angelos Pangratis is the founder and President of Allilon, a Greek organization dedicated to uplifting the economic impact and professional development of Greece, specifically the youth of Greece. By partnering with organizations and individuals that value Allilon's core principles of solidarity, mutual support, cohesion, and mobilization for the common good, Allilon and their professional mentors interact with Greek youth to prepare them for the global economy.


Kristen Hicks, Microsoft 

Kristen Hicks Headshot_edited.png

Kristen Hicks:

Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Cloud for Retail 

Kristen Hicks, Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft Cloud for Retail discusses her role harnessing data to connect customers and retailers throughout the retail value chain. Kristen then discusses her take on leadership, as well as the areas of improvement she sees can be taken across the corporate landscape to improve customer experiences and create authentic connections. 


Kevin Donnellan, AARP

Kevin Donnellan Headshot_edited.png

Kevin Donnellan:

Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff, AARP

Kevin Donnellan, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff at AARP joins Ideagen CEO George Sifakis to discuss the AARP Purpose Prize, the nations only national award celebrating the work of non-profits founders over the age of 50. Hear Kevin outline the requirements for the Purpose Prize, values he sees in the participants, and some of his favorite, most notable winners in the past. Kevin defines the impact the participants have had on him, and how they shape the way he operates as Chief of Staff at AARP.


Kim Smith

Kim Smith Headshot_edited.png

Kim Smith:

Global Leader

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Kim Smith is a global leader and speaker for Ideagen. With extensive experience in the technology sector, Kim is a highly capable team leader operating groups from a variety of sectors and cultures. A United Nations speaker, Kim understands the value of the UN SDGs and prioritizes a culture of empathy and sustainability. In her conversation with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis, Kim highlights some of her leadership learning experiences and how they instilled her values today.


Jane Oates, WorkingNation

Jane Oates Headshot_edited_edited.png

Jane Oates:

President, WorkingNation

Jane Oates, President of WorkingNation is a nationally recognized leader in the labor and education spheres. Having served in the Department of Labor, Jane took her skills to WorkingNation where she leads her team to identify and bring awareness to the challenges facing the workforce today and in the future. Jane also discusses the similar challenges facing youth today following the pandemic and how they can rise above an increasingly tense society. 


Jean Accius, AARP

Jean Accius Headshot_edited.png

Jean Accius:

Senior Director of Global Though Leadership, AARP

Jean Accius, Senior Director of Global Thought Leadership at AARP is a national leader in the concept of aging with dignity. Having developed his life to providing a voice to aging populations, Jean leads by example to prioritize the problems of our older population today so they will not affect the generation of tomorrow. In this interview, Jean discusses his leadership journey, and how we can collectively focus on supporting our older generations. 


Peggy Pelonis, ACS Athens

Peggy Pelonis Headshot_edited.png

Peggy Pelonis

President, ACS Athens School

Peggy Pelonis, President of ACS Athens Schools, is an experienced leader in education. Located in Athens, Greece, ACS is an international school tailored to the American educational philosophy. Developed from her years in education, Peggy stresses the importance of a growth mindset and how students can take this mindset into their communities to create tangible solutions.


Dr. Sidhant Gupta, Microsoft


Dr. Sidhant Gupta:

Director, Microsoft Premonition

Dr. Sidhant Gupta, Director at Microsoft Premonition, is on the cutting edge of epidemiology research. Utilizing enhanced data insights, Microsoft Premonition aims to map our biome to create insights capable of detecting potential diseases and mitigating them. A servant leader, Sidhant values leading with empathy and removing roadblocks for his team to foster a culture of trust and personal accountability. 


Suzanne McCormick, YMCA

Suzanne McCormick Headshot_edited.png

Suzanne McCormick:

President & CEO, YMCA

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Dr. Sanjay Rishi, JLL


Dr. Sanjay Rishi:

CEO, JLL Work Dynamics, Americas

Dr. Sanjay Rishi, CEO of JLL Work Dynamics, Americas, is a national leader in workplace dynamics and the future of work. As the head of a world-leading end-to-end commercial real-estate corporation, Dr. Rishi and his team provide first-class workplace experiences that enable businesses of all kinds to thrive. Sanjay discusses his own leadership experience and the strategies he has learned to lead global teams as JLL America's CEO. 


Sheri Hashemi, L3Harris


Sheri Hashemi:

Director of Engineering, L3Harris

Sheri Hashemi, Director of Engineering at L3Harris, leads national and international teams to institute reliable, resilient communications networks to reinforce global cooperation. Sheri outlines the work L3Harris is doing in support of the UN SDGs, strengthening local communities where they operate. Lastly, Sheri highlights her leadership experience and how the lessons from her father prepared her to become the leader she is today. 


Ilana Ron Levey, Gallup

Ilana Ron Levey Gallup Headshot_edited.png

Ilana Ron Levey:

Managing Director, Public Sector, Gallup

Ilana Ron Levey, Managing Director at Gallup, has a conversation with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis discussing the challenges of managerial leadership and discussing strategies she has learned from her experience operating global teams with Gallup. Ilana discusses the new challenges our hybrid world has left the workforce and how managers can prioritize their worker's needs with their own to create a synchronous work environment. 


Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, PVBLIC Foundation


Sergio Fernandez de Cordova:

Chairman, Pvblic Foundation

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman of The Pvblic Foundation, is dedicated to addressing and creating awareness for some of the world's most complex issues. A leader by example, Sergio and the Pvblic Foundation believe that while there may not be enough resources to solve every problem, there is enough media, data, and technology to educate and mobilize individuals on how they can be part of the solution.


Diane Quest, Points of Light

Diane Quest.png

Diane Quest:

Interim President & CEO,

Points of Light 

Diane Quest, Interim President and CEO of Points of Light, is leading the way for civic engagement and volunteerism. As the world's largest organization dedicated to nonprofit service, Points of Light works with individuals and corporations to encourage individual service and increase organizational social impact. Inspired by her parents to be a civil servant, Diane share's her background and how she came to lead Points of Light.


Graham Macmillan, Visa Foundation

Graham Macmillan Headshot_edited.png

Graham Macmillan:

President, Visa Foundation

Graham Macmillan, President of The Visa Foundation, has a conversation with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis about impact investing and supporting Visa's purpose of uplifting everyone everywhere through financial inclusion for small businesses. Graham is a servant leader who believes his role as president of The Visa Foundation is to provide his employees with an environment to thrive and to build a culture that defines his team's values.


Gautam Mukunda, Harvard Kennedy Center for Public Leadership

Gautham Mukunda Headshot_edited.png

Gautam Mukunda:

Author, Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy Center for Public Leadership

Gautam Mukunda, author and research fellow at The Harvard Kennedy Center for Public Leadership, sits down with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis to talk about leadership and his new book. Developing a keen understanding of leadership and strategies through his Nasdaq podcast "World Reimagined," Gautam shares his knowledge and lived experiences in an attempt to define leadership best practices.


Amir Dossal, Global Partnerships Forum

Amir Dossal_edited.png

Amir Dossal:

Founder & Chairman

Global Partnerships Forum

Amir Dossal, Founder and Chairman of the Global Partnerships Forum, discusses the UN SDGs with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis and how leaders can implement these SDGs into their everyday routines. Through cross-sector collaboration, Amir and the Global Partnerships Forum align organizations and nonprofits with the United Nations to develop solutions and create sustainable livelihoods. 


Scot Case, National Retail Federation

Scot Case Headshot (1)_edited.png

Scot Case:

VP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability, National Retail Federation

Scot Case, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability with the National Retail Federation has a conversation with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis on how the NRF is empowering their 4.2 million retail establishments. Scot discusses how sustainability is not only beneficial to our communities, but to the organization's bottom lines by increasing efficiency and lowering value chain costs.


Sharron Rush, Knowbility

Sharron Rush headshot_edited.png

Sharron Rush:

Founder & Executive Director, Knowbility

Sharron Rush, Founder and Executive of Knowbility, is a 2022 AARP Purpose Prize winner. Sharron's inspiring work at Knowbility aims to increase technological access for those with a variety of disabilities ranging from physical to mental. By creating awareness, educating the public on the inequities of technology, and offering accessibility services to those in need, Knowbility is working to close the gap between technological access.


Chetna Singh, SAP


Chetna Singh

Head of Global Total Rewards


  • LinkedIn

Chetna Singh, Head of Global Total Rewards at SAP, has a conversation with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis on SAP's Fair Pay policy. Intended to create a more equitable environment for their workforce, SAP's Fair Pay policy implements pay transparency and targeted salary adjustments to compensate employees based on their unique contributions to the company.

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