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Ideagen TV Summits

Check out all of Ideagen's Summit's here. Simply click the graphic, to be taken to each individual summit's homepage where you can view the content and learn about each speaker. 

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Global Acceleration Summit

In 2015, the 194 member states of the United Nations unanimously agreed to collectively support the achievement of the 17 Social Development Goals by 2030. Now at the midpoint of that pledge, it is important to take stock of the progress made and assess the work that still needs to be done to accelerate the completion of the SDGs.


Global Innovation Summit

To achieve the UN SDGs, we need to reimagine the way we do things, and create new solutions for the future. Featuring leading innovators from across industries, The Global Innovation Summit showcases cross-sector innovation and how different organizations are innovating today to create the solutions of tomorrow!

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Global Leadership Summit

Effective, Authentic leadership is crucial now more than ever. Coming out of 2022, we will showcase how global leaders are addressing some of the most vexing issues of today by highlighting their leadership methods and strategies as they lead their companies and organizations in 2023 and beyond


Global Partnership Summit

We aim to foster new partnerships and clearly define the impact and power they hold. Inspired by the experiences of our summit's speakers, our goal is to share their stories and expand the reach of their mission. By harnessing the insights of industry leaders, we promote the formation and utilization of effective partnerships to achieve the UN SDGs.

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Global Goals Summit

By bringing together leaders from a variety of companies, organizations, and NGOs,The Global Goals Summit is a forum for executive-level leaders to discuss the impacts of The Global Goals on their business and provide solutions to one or more of the Global Goals.


17 Days of Sustainability

Highlighting each individual UN SDG, Ideagen's 17 Days of Sustainability encompasses what it ill take to achieve the Global Goals. Featuring content form over 50 speakers, the 17 Days of Sustainability provides in-depth coverage of the intricacies and challenges in solving each SDG. 

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