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Ideagen 2023 Global Leaders Power 50 List.


 Ideagen, where the world’s leading CEOs, corporations, NGOs, and public sector organizations convene to innovate and collaborate by introducing solutions to the world’s most vexing issues, reveals their Global Leaders Power 50 list! 

The Global Leaders Power 50 highlights individuals who demonstrate leadership and vision, especially in their ability to use innovation to change the world. This list is a qualitative list and not a ranking. While there are countless factors to measure the impact of individuals and organizations, the Global Leaders Power 50 focuses on an individual’s leadership characteristics and impact. These individuals lead by example to shape their organization's values and strive for global change guided by the UN SDGs.

Congratulations to all our honorees!

Below is the complete list of Global Leaders:

Satya Nadella
CEO, Microsoft

Dr. Saul Levin MD, MPA
CEO, American Psychiatric Association

Dr. Rod Hochman
President & CEO, Providence Health

Anita Whitehead
President & Chair, KPMG Foundation

Amb. Angelos Pangratis
Founder & President, Allilon

Jane Oates
President, WorkingNation

Dr. Peggy Pelonis
President, ACS Athens

Adena Friedman
President & CEO Nasdaq

Suzanne McCormick
President & CEO, YMCA

Graham Macmillan
President, Visa Foundation

Joshua Bolten
President & CEO, Business Roundtable

Suzanne Clark
President & CEO, US Chamber of Commerce

Amir Dossal
Founder & Chairman, Global Partnerships Forum 

Pope Francis

Klaus Schwab
Chairman, World Economic Forum

Ted Leonsis
CEO, Monumental Sports

Bill Gates 
Founder, Gates Foundation

Viola Davis
CEO, Juvee Productions

Gretchen O'Hara
VP of Worldwide Channels & Alliances, Splunk

Scott Jackson
President & CEO, Global Impact

Robert Reiss
Founder & CEO, CEO Forum Group

Dr. Sanjay Rishi
CEO, JLL Work Dynamics, Americas

Dr. Deepak Chopra
CEO, Chopra Foundation

Sharon John
CEO, Build-A-Bear

Jon Clifton
CEO, Gallup

Jean Accius
Senior Director of Global Thought Leadership, AARP

Matthew Shay
President & CEO, National Retail Federation

Oprah Winfrey
President, Oprah Winfrey Foundation

Edward Reno
Partner, Forbes Tate Partners

António Guterres
Secretary General, United Nations

Elon Musk
CEO, Twitter, Tesla, SpaceX

Lionel Messi
World Cup Champion, Argentina

Sergio de Cordova
Chairman, Pvblic Foundation

Melinda Gates
Founder, Gates Foundation

Tim Cook 
CEO, Apple

Sam Altman

Taylor Swift

Tom Brady
Athlete/Founder, TB12 Foundation

Kate Johnson
CEO, Lumen Technologies

Tiger Woods
Athlete/Founder, TGR Foundation

Lynn Good
CEO, Duke Energy

Kristalina Georgieva
Managing Director, IMF

James Quincy
CEO, Coca-Cola

Serena Williams
Athlete/CEO, Serena's World

Jamie Dimon
CEO, JPMorgan Chase

Simon Bland
CEO, Glide

John Morikis
CEO, Sherwin-Williams

Dara Khosrowshahi
CEO, Uber

Bill McDermott
CEO, Service Now

Sean Kell
CEO, Blue Nile Diamons

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