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Washington Roundtable

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Live from Ideagen HQ, Arlington, VA 

February 2023

Ideagen's Washington Roundtable offers a platform for leaders from diverse sectors across the country to engage in open dialogue and address crucial issues of today. The event features esteemed speakers from organizations such as KPMG, Gallup, NIO, and The American Psychiatric Association Foundation, among others, fostering cross-sector collaboration.

Aligned with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Ideagen is committed to achieving these goals by 2030 through constructive conversation. By convening organizations with shared values, our aim is to accelerate progress toward the Global Goals by enabling leaders to present their organization's innovative solutions.

Watch each speakers conversation below

Our Speakers

Theodoros Bizakis Headshot_edited.png

Mark Fitzgerald

Global Head, International Development Assistance Services, KPMG

Paula Tavares

Senior Legal and Gender Specialist,

World Bank

Theodoros Bizakis

Minister Counselor-Deputy Chief of Mission, Greek Embassy to the United States

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Manoli Lagos Headshot_edited.png
Ilana Ron Levey Gallup Headshot_edited.png
Rawle Andrews Headshot_edited.png

Ilana Ron Levey

Managing Director, Public Sector


Rawle Andrews Jr.

Executive Director

American Psychiatric Association Foundation

Manoli Lagos


The Living Fuel

Bill Ashworth Headshot_edited.png
unnamed copy_edited.png

Bill Ashworth

Head of Government Affairs


Dave Grimaldi

Executive VP of Government Relations

The Blockchain Association 

Nicole Hayre FAAD.

Cosmetic Dermatology Center

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Esteban Olivares_edited.png
Ashley Mills Headshot_edited.png
Winston Chang - Headshot_edited_edited.png

Ashley Mills


The Vision Council

Winston Chang

CTO, Public Sector


Esteban Olivares

Head of Academics & New University Partnerships

Summer Discovery


Rosie Chawla

Director of Global Education Projects & Partnerships

UNESCO Center for Peace

Alan Miller


News Literacy Project

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